Whoa, a weather plugin?

A simple jQuery plugin to display the current weather information for any location using Yahoo! Weather. Developed by James Fleeting. Download the latest version, read the docs or browse the FAQ at simpleweather.monkeecreate.com. Below you will find three examples of using simpleWeather.js.


Simply include jquery.simpleWeather.js in your site. Then initialize simpleWeather, set your WOEID, US zip code or location, add a div with an ID of `weather` (or whatever you want, just change it in the init), and you are good to go.

Simple Demo

This demo shows the common use for simpleWeather, displaying the current weather for a location, in this case Austin, Texas US. This is a bare demo with minimal styling.

Fancy Demo

This demo is still extremely simple, just shows what you can do with a little CSS to spice it up.